Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The boys and I were flipping through a magazine. We saw an ad for pampers swaddlers. It had a picture of a baby with the umbilical cord stump still attatched. They were both curious about it. I explained to them what it was, and that they were not to touch it. Chandler looked at me and said "Whatever, I am going to pull it off. That's DISGUSTING!" He sounded like a total teenager. I have since convinced him that it would be a really bad idea to pull it off. Hopefully when the baby is born he will leave that alone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australian Pockets

My Sister-in-Law, Amber, was living with my Mother and Father-in-law for a few months this fall. Her husband, Greg, was transferred to Tasmania, Australia and she stayed behind for a while to get all of their things in order. Three weeks before she moved over with him, Greg's sister, Tracey, came to stay. Greg is originally from Australia and his family is all located over there. Spencer was pretty fascinated by Tracey. She told him all sorts of stories and facts about the "Land down under." The night before they left Tracey gave both of my boys an Australian coin. They were so excited. Spencer put the coin in his mouth to hold for just a minute. We all told him to take it out because money is dirty. He wanted to know why money was dirty. We told him all of the reasons that money could be dirty (ex. dirty hands touching it, falling on the ground) . I guess one of the reasons really concerned him, because on the way home that night he said "Crap. I forgot to ask Tracey something." We asked him what he needed to know. He said "I wanted to ask her why they don't have pockets in Australia." Brandon and I were puzzled. We asked him to explain why he thought they didn't have pockets in Australia. His reply was "Because they have to put their money in their shoe." Brandon and I laughed and explained to him that they did have pockets, but sometimes people just stick money in their shoe, even in the United States.


My Father-in-Law is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He is also a police officer. During one of his visits he was wearing his Steelers watch. Spencer asked him what was on his watch. Later that day Spencer was explaining the watch and how Grandpa uses it for work. He said "Grandpa is a cop and they gave him a watch. He looks at it and it tells him where the stealers are so he can go arrest them." I thought that was a pretty clever interpretation.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nintendo DS

One night I turned around from the stove to find these two super cute boys laying on the stairs playing their games.  It was too cute.  Of all the places we have to sit in the house they choose the stairs.

Later that same night as I was getting the kids ready for bed I turned to find Brandon laying at the top of another set of stairs playing the boys game.  I guess it must really be a comfortable way to play.  Boy, do I love these three.  I am a lucky girl.


Spencer and his friend Dillon made a snowman.  It turned out pretty dang cute for two 6 year olds doing it all by themselves.  They were both so proud.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

April Babies

I have 2 cousins that are pregnant due in April with me.  We are all having boys. We had a family party on the 1st of January and had to do a belly pic.  Man, do I hate belly pics, but this one is fun because we are all in it together.  We plan to get together to take one of the little boys once they are born.  
I am pregnant with my 3rd boy.  Meagan is pregnant with her first baby.  Nicole is pregnant with her 3rd child, but 1st boy.

Side note:  I went to the doctor this morning.  Everything looks good.  Right on schedule.  But the interesting thing to note is Jamie Oliver was mentioned on the cover of 3 different magazines.  3 is my favorite number and Oliver is the name that I want to give the little guy.  That's a sign, right.  Brandon just needs to give in:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolution

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves about myself is the way I do laundry (or don't do laundry). This year I am going to focus on that. I will put the laundry in the washer, dryer, and then (and this is the hardest part) PUT IT AWAY! I will no longer wonder if the clothes in the basket need to be washed or if they are ready to wear. I will have less wrinkles. The boys will be able to find their socks and underwear. This task is going to be huge! It has been a MAJOR problem for me since the day I started doing my own laundry. Wish me luck.

I mean, come on, it's not like this is how I have to do it. Really. What's my problem?