Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Oliver

While we were waiting for the hospital to call Brandon rollerbladed and I walked.
Right before all of the fun began.

That is a big bruise on his forehead.  He got stuck on his way out.   He also has one the back of his head from the vacuum that was used to help him out.

When I was in labor with Chandler we watched 'Love Story'.  The main character's name in that movie is Oliver.  We had decided on the name Chandler, but after watching that movie and hearing the name Oliver we questioned our decision.  Obviously, we ultimately picked Chandler, but said if we ever had another boy it would be Oliver.  We found out we were having another boy and started calling him Oliver.  Then, because it is a huge decision to choose a name, we had our doubts.  On Tuesday, April 21, I was scheduled to be induced.  They had told me 7 am, but to call in the morning to make sure it was still on for that time.  I called and they had a lot of laboring mothers so I would have to wait.  Brandon and I were up and ready to go at 7, so we had some time to kill.  We didn't want to sit at home and wait for the phone to ring, so we left to find something to do.  Well, not much is open or going on at that time in the morning.  We drove around for a bit.  We went and walked around the mall...before any of the stores were open.  We saw a display of muffins that looked delicious and went on a mission to find a yummy muffin.  We went to Target to get said muffin.  Then we walked around the store for a bit.  Right at the front of the store, in the $5 movie section was a copy of 'Love Story'.  I had made a comment about how we should have rented it to watch in the hospital, but thought about it too late.  We took this as a sign that the little one coming to us was, in fact, Oliver.  We spent sometime just sitting outside the hospital, looking at the pond and watching people go in and out of the hospital.  We spent some time walking and rollerblading.  Finally at noon the hospital was ready for us.  

In previous posts I have made mention that I have a weird number obsession.  Ollie's birthday fits in my "requirements".  First, it is my best friend, Kylee's birthday.  Second, it is divisible by 3.  Third, it has a number 1 and a 2.  Now all of my boys have a  1 and a 2 in their birthday.  And 1+2=3.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introducing Oliver Edward Young

Oliver Edward Young
April 21, 2009
8 lbs.
19.5 inches long