Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A few weeks ago we went sledding. Chandler did not like it at all. He went down once with me and then said "I don't want to do it two times." Brandon grabbed him and took him down another time, he screamed the whole way down the hill. We went with Brandon's sister, Andrea, her husband Jon and their cute little boy Aiden. Spencer and Aiden were quite the little dare devils, trying all sorts of tricks. Brandon thought he was a kid and went off the jumps. He was not feeling so young the next day.

Brandon and Spencer going down head first.

Chandler had a blast playing in the snow and on the rocks.

My cute nephew, Aiden.

Brandon ran around pushing Chandler on the sled, on the flat ground. That was something that was fun for him. He is afraid of heights, just like his mom.