Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me and my cute boys.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Everything looks good. He is going to let me stay pregnant as long as my body/the baby decides to let me. I feel really good about that. I am hoping to have him on Easter, but I really don't get to choose. We have pretty much decided to name him Oliver. Unless a name comes out of the blue between now and the time he is "officially" named. Chances are it could happen. It did with Spencer.

I have decided that I have got to do something to get out of Harmons. I started here 8.5 years ago as "holiday help". Every time the holidays come around I am reminded that my 3 months has turned into years. I don't like it. Not to toot my own horn, but I am really good at what I do, but most of what I do could be done by a monkey. I have decided to go back to school and pursue my dream of teaching Kindergarten/First Grade. I applied for school and financial aid and I am now waiting to hear the results of that. What better time to go back to school than as a mother of 3 boys. Ha. Just taking the step to apply has lifted my spirits. Sure, I will probably work at Harmons until I am done with school, but knowing that I am on the path to freedom makes my heart skip a beat.

Spencer and Chandler are very excited for the arrival of their little brother. Chandler said to me the other day "I wish it could be night for long so I could sleep until April." I told Spencer yesterday that the baby had been kicking like crazy all day. He said "He is probably really mad because he wants to come out and meet us." Makes perfect sense to me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please help me. (Too much information warning)

I am looking for a breast pump. Any opinions would be very welcome. I want to breast feed, but actually feeding with my breast makes me want to throw things. I am planning to pump my breast milk and feed with a bottle. This would also make it possible for Brandon to help feed, something he enjoys doing. I've never used a pump, so I would like to hear from someone that has experience with it. Thanks for your time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I need more time...

I went to the doctor yesterday for a routine prenatal exam. I found out that I have my 3rd bladder infection. I will be on antibiotics until I am at 36 weeks and then I will probably be started. That is 4 short weeks away. YIKES! I was ready to go full term, which meant I have 8 weeks left. That time just got cut in half. I am having a bit of a freak out about this. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. Hopefully at this appointment he will tell me that everything looks good and I can keep being pregnant for a bit longer.

What kind of crazy pregnant lady am I? I am asking to be pregnant longer. Most want the baby to be here NOW. I want him to come, just not yet. I have had a really good pregnancy, with the exception of the bladder infections, and I am not quite ready to be a mom to a newborn yet. I guess if nothing else this should kick my preparations into high gear. Let's hope that Park City has some killer deals this weekend. Yay for Girls Day!